WetBrush Detangling Comb - Black

WetBrush Detangling Comb - Black

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The WetBrush Detangling Comb – Black helps you say goodbye to tangle-related damage and irritation, working to gently smooth your locks into a more manageable mane. Thanks to its innovative WaveTooth™ design, the comb distributes strands evenly over the teeth, carefully working through knots without tugging or pulling.

Gliding through your hair, the brush means you can avoid excess breakage when brushing, especially as hair is extra fragile when wet. You’ll be less likely to notice as many split ends as before for a finish that appears healthier and more lustrous.

Whether you're using the brush to prepare your locks for styling and blow-drying or to make sure your conditioner is evenly spread, the comb delivers impressive results time and time again.

Suitable for all hair lengths and textures.

The Wet Brush is the no. 1 best-selling revolutionary hairbrush brand that will banish your unwanted tangles once and for all! Tangled hair will become a thing of the past with the Wet Brush... Using its patented Intelliflex bristles, the Wet Brush painlessly and efficiently glides through your hair to leave it silky smooth.