L'Action Paris Scar Reducing Oil 10ml
L'Action Paris Scar Reducing Oil 10ml

L'Action Paris Scar Reducing Oil 10ml

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Rosa Mosqueta oil is a powerful moisturizing agent that boosts cellular renewal. Rich in fatty acids, it helps restore the skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of blemishes, particularly those caused by skin problems.

Turn the bottle upside down and shake to moisten the roll-on ball. Apply a small quantity of product to target areas once or twice a day. Repeat the process every day for a month. Leave to dry and follow with your usual make-up.

“We believe in creating beauty moments where our customers feel good.”

L’Action Paris offers three moments to take care of yourself : ONE MINUTE SOLUTION, SPA TIME, and OVERNIGHT SOLUTIONS.

Our products have already proved their worth over the past ten years in around 30 countries around the world. In addition to French manufacturing quality, L’Action Paris has focused on a light, modern and playful packaging that offers products that act on the targeted areas of your face in a specific and localized way. All our products are dermatologically tested.