L'Action Paris Bye Bye Grey Hair - Medium Brown

L'Action Paris Bye Bye Grey Hair - Medium Brown

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  • A unique semi-permanent hair touch-up formula that causes your hair to gradually adopt the colour, making it last longer with each application. You can colour your hair from root to tip in minutes and cover those sneaky greys. With the colour looking more natural over time, newly coloured roots will last up to 10 days, allowing you to stretch the time between colouring services.
  • This semi-permanent touch up covers grey hair and discolored hair roots. Its formula is water-resistant and enables the color to last several days, depending on shampooing frequency. Little by little the hair adopts the dye color, making it last longer at each new application.
  • Four shades are available: black, dark brown, light brown, and medium brown. Isododecane : makes the product water resistant

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