Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath Milk 200ml
Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath Milk 200ml

Salcura Bioskin Junior Bath Milk 200ml

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We have some exciting news, we have been able to improve our already great Bath Milk!

Taking your feedback on board, we have put the Bath Milk in a new, easier to use bottle. Plus, we have updated the formulation to contain even more amazing oils and extracts, like Sunflower, Aloe Vera, and Olive to ensure your little one’s skin is nourished even whilst bathing.

Our Bioskin Bath Milk has especially been developed for those little ones who have dry and sensitive skin. This natural, non-slippery, Bath Milk will hydrate, nourish and support the severely dry skin when bathing. Especially for those kids with sensitive skin, bathing can be a trying time with the water further dehydrating the skin. 

Salcura Natural Skin Therapy makes highly effective and natural products for anyone suffering from allergic skin conditions. Originally developed by Dr Martin Schiele, a bio-medical scientist, the Salcura range has helped people with their skin for over 10 years. We believe in the principles of homeostasis – the self-healing capacity of the skin, which is dependent on the supply of nutrients. This is why we fill our products to the brim with natural oils and extracts to ensure your skin gets as many nutrients as possible to help itself.

In addition to the high amount of natural ingredients, we have also pioneered the use of colloidal solutions. The body’s own fluids (like blood and sweat) are colloidal in nature. By mimicking this with our Sprays, the bio-availability of nutrients is more easily absorbed by the body and therefore more effective.

In creating our products, we try to avoid any synthetics that are widely accepted as unsuitable for sensitive skin. Additionally, our products are dermatologically tested, making them suitable for use on highly sensitive skin.

We are your long-term and sustainable solution to a healthy and balanced skin.

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