Paese Lipstick with Argan Oil - Colour 28
Paese Lipstick with Argan Oil - Colour 28
Paese Lipstick with Argan Oil - Colour 28

Paese Lipstick with Argan Oil - Colour 28

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Nature surprises us all the time, and always offers some precious gift.

Beauty and care are a natural combination, and our lipstick with argan oil creates a beautiful, long-lasting shade on the lips; moisturising and pampering them.

Additionally, vitamin E has antioxidative properties while the palm wax guarantees elasticity and a lustrous effect. Its deep, matte shade is smudge-proof and long-lasting. Choose your perfect shade from the wide range of colours.

  • A lipstick with conditioning argan oil.
  • Guaranteed long-lasting effect, full coverage and vivid colour.
  • Smudge-proof with colour that stays on for hours.
  • The lipstick is easy to apply and guarantees a satiny soft finish.
  • Contains natural plant waxes: candelilla wax guarantees a delicate, silky texture; oils and smooths the skin; palm wax for a beautiful glow and elasticity.


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