Naturally European Lip Balm – Ginger and Lime 15ml

Naturally European Lip Balm – Ginger and Lime 15ml

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Enjoy naturally luscious lips with our Ginger and Lime Lip Balm. Taking inspiration from Southern Spain, Ginger & Lime creates a perfect balance of heat and freshness.

Naturally European

Inspired by luscious European landscapes, Naturally European presents a range of luxury body care and home fragrance. Our bestselling toiletries are blended using natural extracts and essential oils. These beautiful gifts offer nourishment and protection to all skin types, including sensitive skin.

We are extremely proud to have been creating beautiful body care and home fragrance for the last 20 years.

We attribute our success to our talented team, our luxurious products plus brilliant customer relationships. We feel that at this point in time the most important journey we can take is that to sustainability. Due to the alarming environmental state of our planet, we feel we all must do our bit – both as individuals and organisations.