Monroe London Glycolic Serum 7% 50ml
Monroe London Glycolic Serum 7% 50ml
Monroe London Glycolic Serum 7% 50ml
Monroe London Glycolic Serum 7% 50ml

Monroe London Glycolic Serum 7% 50ml

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Non-abrasive exfoliation using the peeling powers of glycolic acid to reveal fresh, glowy skin. Buffered with soothing calendula, anti-bacterial tea tree, antioxidant vitamin E and hydrating hyaluronic acid for comprehensive care.


If you have not used glycolic products before, you should only use a glycolic acid serum at night for several weeks before using it during the day. After cleansing your skin, apply a light layer of the serum. Do this every other night for up to 2 weeks before doing it every single night. After you have used the serum every night for about 4 weeks, you can also apply the serum to your skin during the day.

If you experience any irritation, don’t automatically discontinue use. Some people will find that their skin is slightly irritated by glycolic acid. A little redness or itching is common, thought it should go away fairly quickly. Some experts recommend applying a light layer of moisturiser on top of the serum if you have itching or discomfort.

If you use the glycolic serum during the day, be sure to apply a sunscreen before heading outside. Glycolic acid can make your skin much more sensitive to the sun.



FOR PEOPLE – you, me, she, he, they, us.

FOR SKIN – every type, every colour, every age.

– MONROE is... skincare worth sharing. It saves space on your shelf, saves time in your life.

– MONROE is... recyclable with glass bottles and foil-free paper cartons.

– MONROE is... simplified, scaled-back and multipurpose. Cleanses and refreshes, protects and defends skin, styles hair and scents the body.