Kapilab Hair Fibers 12.5g - Dark Brown
Kapilab Hair Fibers 12.5g - Dark Brown
Kapilab Hair Fibers 12.5g - Dark Brown
Kapilab Hair Fibers 12.5g - Dark Brown

Kapilab Hair Fibers 12.5g - Dark Brown

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Thicker hair in 30 seconds

Kapilab Keratin fibers are used to conceal hair loss in women and men; Its electrostatic property makes it adhere to the hair naturally. By applying them you will be able to increase the volume of the hair in a matter of seconds covering the areas with greater hair loss or thinnest hair.

Size: 12.5gr
Easily washed out with shampoo.

Discover how Kapilab products work and how they will help you increase your hair volume

Achieving the look of your dreams is possible with Kapilab, thanks to its Keratin fibers you are able to cover areas with hair loss, achieving a natural and impeccable finish.

But what are kapilab hair fibers exactly? Kapilab hair fibers are keratin powder microparticles that are applied to hair to improve its appearance, achieving practically miraculous results.

Keratin is a protein of fibrous structure found in the outer layers of the epidermis and other organs derived from the ectoderm, such as hair and nails. Beeing formed of the same organic compound as hair, the results of the application of hair fibers is completely natural and impossible to detect by third parties. They will only know your secret if you reveal it.

Range of colours

Keratin Kapilab hair fibers are available in 7 different shades, allowing our customers to find the tone that most closely resembles their original color and achieve spectacular results without artificial shades, that do not shine. For an optimal result, we recommended using the color of the root for hairs with more than one shade or strands. Another option that some of our clients use is to combine two different shades of Kapilab Keratin fibers, always using the darker shade as a base and retouching it with the lighter one.