Anicura Dog Conditioner 300ml

Anicura Dog Conditioner 300ml

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Deeply nourishing, effective and gentle

Our naturally active dog conditioner is an effective, gentle and paraben-free wash product.

The Conditioner has been created to provide a natural alternative to the harsh and chemical conditioners that are on the market. The naturally active ingredients have been carefully selected for their bio-scientifically proven ability to support the maintenance of a healthy skin. The Conditioner will work with your dog’s skin instead of against it and will leave the skin and coat feeling nourished and moisturised.

An ideal complement to the Dog Shampoo, Anicura Dog Conditioner only contains natural and naturally derived ingredients. This unique Conditioner gently supports sensitive skin and nourishes the coat at the same time. The mild Conditioner is especially suitable for dogs that suffer from sensitive skin, dry and itchy skin or flaky and chapped skin.

  • After washing your dog in Anicura Dog Shampoo, apply an appropriate amount of conditioner for the size of your dog, to your hands.
  • Then, apply to the coat and gently massage in.
  • This is a nice opportunity to give your dog a relaxing massage!
  • Once you have worked it through the coat, thoroughly rinse off with warm water, avoiding the eyes, ears and nose.
  • The fur will feel soft and look shiny, and you’ll feel good knowing you’ve used a gentle, chemical-free product!